Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Tell All.

What is your earliest memory of school, what did you love about the first week of school, who was your favorite teacher, subject, or playground game?

In kindergarten my older sister, who must have been in 4th grade, somehow got the job of walking me to school and dropping me off at my class--this very well could be my first memory all together. I am surprised at how much I remember about this day, I was wearing a maroon velvet jacket and I braced myself at the gate to the playground and would not budge. My poor sister didnt know what to do with her tantruming little sister and I can still remember feeling so upset and determined not to let go of that gate!
Eventually, I got over my fear of school and the following year I had the most amazing Teacher, Mrs. Skills. She was just so perfect, sweet and pretty. One time in class we were having a real Tea party. She knew that I was Mormon and didnt drink Tea  so she brought  kool-aid  just for me. I am pretty sure Kool-aid is way better than Tea anyway—especially for a 6 year-old!
When we moved from California to Utah I was in the 4th grade. That is when I was introduced to marbles. Since it snowed so much in Utah, for recess the children stayed inside and played marbles in the halls.  I dont think I had ever owned a marble before but suddenly I collected them and had bags of them. Each day we would compare our latest marbles and try to win or swap for cooler ones.
Next week I'll have Wade share for Tuesday Tell All.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Pancake Day!

I love that a stack of pancakes can make my little boy overjoyed!  He must get that from me, or maybe it's all the sugar in the syrup....

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Tell All

What’s in a Name? How did you get your name or/ choose your children’s names.
I LOVE baby names, I think I should include it on my list of hobbies because I love it so much! I am always in search of the PERFECT name. Without boring you with all my current favorites I’ll tell you about my name and Wyatt’s and how they came about.
I am number 12 of 13 kids. My parents had started on the letter K with their firstborn and continued on with K for the next 3. For a normal family that would be the whole family all with K names. Well they kept it up and when number 5 came they moved down the alphabet and L was the logical next step. 3 L’s later they moved on to M and after 3 M’s they skipped to P. They knew I would be a P name but good P names are hard to come by. They were down to 2 choices: Penny or Paula and thankfully they chose Paula.  My middle name is Diane and was originally my older sister’s middle name. She had been named for two of my Mom’s sisters Margaret and Diane = Margaret Diane.  My Father didn’t believe girls should have middle names and when he was blessing her (LDS babies are given a name and a blessing in Church) he left out the Diane. Being the next daughter I inherited the name from my Aunt and kind of from my older sister as well.
Wade claims there is no story behind his name- I even checked with his Mom and he is right! However, his middle name was after his Dad, Kevin. I am so glad that Kevin, Wade and Wyatt have this link together.
Long before we were expecting we had our baby names picked out. I am a very sentimental person and knew that we would give our children family names.  I would think and talk about names constantly and Wade would humor me, after all we weren’t even pregnant. We knew that for a boy we would use Wade’s middle name, Kevin, after Wade and Grandpa Kevin.  I can still remember the moment when Wade suggested the name Wyatt. That was it! Wyatt Kevin would share initials with Daddy, Wade Kevin!.  We had the name, now we just needed the baby… but that’s a whole different Tuesday Tell All.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Although holidays today seem more like organized opportunities for businesses to sell me stuff, they do give me much needed reminders.  Christmas reminds me of Christ and his value in my life, 4th of July and the blessing of living in this country, Thanksgiving and recognizing that I have more than I deserve and that it comes from God.  Today is Valentine's Day and naturally it reminds me how much I love those around me and how much I am loved.

I love my immediate and my extended family.  I am blessed to still have both sets of grandparents whom I love and appreciate.  I have great Aunts, Uncles and cousins.  I love very very much my parents and brothers.  They are endlessly supportive of me.  On more than one occasion they have stepped in to catch me when I have needed them.  I know that I dont say it nearly often enough but I love them each very much and could not see my life with them. 

I want to devote most of this post though to Paula and Wyatt.  Together they are the most perfect examples of giving love that I could imagine.  They never stop giving.  Wyatt is always happy to see me and never gets tired of my company.  He instantly forgets any of my imperfections when I lose my temper or am less than gentle.  He never hesitates when I need help.  He springs to his feet and loves just being involved when I say I need him.  His smile alone is enough brighten my life for the rest of my days. 

Paula is perfect.  She loves me perfectly.  She is perfectly patient, kind and selfless.  She never stops serving me or Wyatt.  Her nonstop juggling of work, school, and church is completed perfectly on the back burner while she puts our family first.  Perfect love is the only way all that could be done while maintaining one's sanity!

My love for them is often understated.  That is why I am thankful for Valentines day because it give me (a manly man) the opportunity to tell them that I love them more than life itself.  My only desire in the world is to make Paula happy and to provide Wyatt with a life that is worthy of his joyful spirit.  I wish I were better at writing it and saying it, I just hope that the best I can do will be enough to convey to them the smallest measure of what they mean to me.  I am confident that no man has ever been blessed with little family as perfect as mine.  I pray that I might be worthy of your love for one more year!

Happy Valentines Day!



Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wyatt was assigned the Prayer in Primary today.  We practiced, practiced, practiced all week. He did awesome with only a little help.  Mommy and Daddy were so proud!