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There are moments in life when you cannot deny that the Lord has been leading your every step; the last 2 years have been packed full of those moments for our family. Slowly, He has been leading our family towards adoption. Looking back we can see the path clearly, but while we were in the middle of it, completing our family seemed impossible. Though our journey has been full of road blocks, we have learned of our Heavenly Father’s love. He loves us and has a plan for us just like He does for you and your baby. You both are an answer to our prayers and a blessing from Him. None of us are perfect, we all have our own trials and decisions in life but He is aware of each of us and loves us just the same.

We met at BYU; Paula had just graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics (Nutrition—nobody ever knows what Dietetics is!) and Wade had just started his first semester after finishing his mission, talk about horrible timing! Paula moved to Pittsburgh to start a master’s program in the fall, leaving Wade behind at BYU, but she only lasted 21 days before running home to him. We got engaged immediately and married 4 weeks later.

Wade continued at school and Paula worked as we planned our family; things didn’t happen as we planned or hoped and 4 years after we got married we had our miracle son, Wyatt. He is now 3 ½ , and we cherish our little family above everything else.
Since Wyatt joined us, our life took a drastic turn when Wade was offered an amazing job in Texas. We moved to Texas 2 years ago. Being far from family and friends has taught us to rely on each other and our Heavenly Father.

About Wade (according to Paula):
Early in our marriage Wade shared with me his thoughts on Fatherhood. He told me that when he was little he didn’t know what he wanted to be when he grew up but he knew whatever career he chose had to allow him to be a good father. He has exceeded that goal, he is an amazing Dad. He and Wyatt have an incredible bond and seeing them together makes my love for Wade grow.
Wade loves sports, especially golf and enjoys teaching and playing with Wyatt. Wade also enjoys reading, video games, planning family vacations and just hanging out with family. Wade has 3 brothers who he is very close with and some of the best parents and grandparents you could ask for.

About Paula(according to Wade):
Paula is the smartest, most driven person I know. She only knows success. That is why not being able to have more kids has been so terribly difficult. We have been working for and waiting on a child to complete our home for a long time. Paula and I have felt strongly that there is a child waiting to join our family and we have worked very hard to make that happen.

For Paula our family comes first. There is nothing in second place. Her world revolves around being a wife and mom. She manages her life to maximize her special time with Wyatt and me. She is careful to make certain we know that we come first for her.
Being a wife and mom isn’t easy. She has no time or energy left for herself. Despite the challenges, struggles, and brutally hard work that come with her role, she is relentless. It is because of her dedication that our family is so strong.

About Wyatt :
Wyatt is another testament that Heavenly Father knows each of us. Wyatt was prepared for our family and is exactly what our family needs. He is such an easy going and laid back boy. He loves sports, trains, his blankey, babies and saying prayers.

WyWy, as we call him, will be such a sweet big brother. He has an outgoing and social personality. Within the last year he has taken an interest in babies and always asks to “pet” them when he sees them in public. Apparently, he loves babies as much as our dog, Caddy : ). He is always so gentle and caring towards his baby cousins and often prays for our family to get a baby.

About Adoption:
It is impossible to know what the adoption decision must feel like for a new parent. What we do understand is how becoming a parent changes a person. Instantly your every care is focused on your child. You no longer worry about yourself and are willing to do anything to protect and support your baby. Adoption is the greatest example of that selflessness. We have such love for you and your sacrifice. We have great love for our son and for the baby we hope for through adoption. We will celebrate their life as the miracle it is and be open and honest about adoption with him or her. Already, we love and treasure this baby, we think of them often, we will welcome them into our family and hearts and love them completely. perfectly. forever.

While we will not be perfect parents, we promise to love your baby as much as he/she can be loved and teach them of our Heavenly Father’s love and plan for us. By considering our family you are putting a great deal of faith and trust in us. For that faith and trust we say, Thank You!

We realize we can’t truly understand your situation and the decision you have ahead of you. We do understand that having correspondence and interactions with your baby after adoption can help you heal and we are happy to work out those details with you.

All our love,
Wade, Paula, & WyWy

Please feel free to contact us by email: paulyunsaturated@yahoo.com or through LDS family services in our contact page.