I am not quite sure still how a baby born in Wyoming to a Wyoming mother gets the name "Wade" but thats who I am.  I was born and raised in Wyoming and really loved it.  Sure, there are no cities with their accompanying amenities like malls, megaplex theaters and traffic, but it was a quiet, peacful and homey kinda place to grow up. 

Me and my 3 brothers spent our time outside playing sports or inside playing homemade games.  The absence of sisters was thought by us at the time to be a blessing (since getting married I have realized I missed something growing up).  In Wyoming it is easy to be outside carefree.  I supose my parents didn't worry too much about abductions or running into traffic or drug dealers. I know we had little awareness of such things.

High School was more about being with friends for me than it was about the education.  I was blessed the school work came pretty easily to me so it didn't take too much of my time or attention.  Having only brothers left me feeling prety foreign when it came to girls.  I had my share of girlfriends but never became too comfortable which was fine since I was preparing for a mission anyway. 

I went on my mission shortly after High School.  There really was never any question about it.  It was always something I wanted to do.  My mission was a complex combination of really hard work, deep frustration, patience and the spirit.  That lead to the kind of spiritual growth and maturation comes from a mission.  I learned a lot but most valuable was learning what kind of man I wanted to be.

Upon returning home I was headed to college.  I had no idea what I wanted to do but I was planning on working hard and getting done as soon as possible.  Family and marriage was my highest priority in the long term but when I got to college at BYU I was focused on school and having fun.  Then I met Paula and my life since then has been a one track story.  It started with marrying her, then came Wyatt, and now we are trying to adopt to complete our family.  As has been the case for my entire life, I expect the hand of God to continue guide me and our family.  In his hands and on his plan we are moving in the right direction.