Saturday, July 14, 2012

We have a Four Year Old!

Here's the cake... that thing kept me up all night!
While I was up all night I had Wade blowing up balloons to surprise Wyatt when he woke up. They really did surprise him. He woke up at 3 am screaming and crying that there were monsters in his room. He liked the surprise much better in the daylight.

Happy Birthday Breakfast.
We had Wyatt's party at the Texas Transportation Muesum. It was great. The kids loved watching all the model trains and they even had a full size train with unlimited rides! I was so flustered and distracted I forgot to get a picture with the Big train. Ah, the joy of birthday parties : ) !

Wyatt got to put Thomas on the tracks and use the remote to start him up.
Some of the friends on the train. The pretty girl on the right is Tess. She is Wyatt's babysitter. She is so sweet and they love each other. She even pretended to have a blast at a 4 year old party : ).

More friends checking out the model trains.

Wyatt also got to signal to the Engineer of the train that it was time to get going. He thought that was pretty awesome!
Since we moved to Texas we have always taken Wyatt out to dinner on his Birthday. He always orders spaghetti and makes a complete mess of himself and everything/one around him.
Wyatt announced to the waiter that he was 4 ! He got a plate of cookies with a candle. It was a really fun treat and Wyatt shared with mommy without being asked.

This Birthday was kind of a shocking one for me. Not only is time just flying and my little baby turning 4 but suddenly it hit me that Wyatt is getting old enough to actually have real memories. My first memory is from when I was four! I really hope he remembers this Birthday and how much we love our little WyWy.